Creative Works

On this page you will find descriptions of all the various creative projects I undertake.  Some are complete, some are in progress, and some are merely egg-ideas sitting in my great cereberal womb, waiting to be fertilised by the touch of words on a page.
Prototype Cover for V.I.R.A.L. 1

V.I.R.A.L. (Pt1 Complete, 2&3 WIP)

V.I.R.A.L. is a series designed to be played out in three parts.

The VIRtual ALternative is the first book in the series.  It follows the misadventures of Antiviral Detective Rekheba (exe) and his apprentice Eve (byn) as they face off against a Viral threat the likes of which Veracity has never seen before.  It might already be too late by the time they discern exactly what it is they are facing.

A VIsion foR AvaLon, the second part of the series, will follow young Cliffdweller Tapa as he attempts to learn from his martial tutor and is thrust into a battle that spans three worlds.  He will gain companions from all three worlds, and some will be lost.  Secrecy and betrayal will abound, and he will learn the value of time.

In the third part, whose working title is VIew: ReALity, allies formed across the three worlds will rally to fight the two greatest threats to the system.  From Veracity a cursed and vile mother brings her children, and from Retra an army of spirits brings only silence.

Life After Life (WIP)

Luna, one of the most precious unique features of our beloved Earth, is fallen.  Half of her massive bulk crashed into the Southernmost tip of Argentina, causing worldwide devastation on an apocalyptic scale.  For the million or so survivors on the great bulk of our blue planet, what are the consequences?  How do you live life after life?

To the Top of the World (WIP)

A Queen's daughter flees from her family and their knights to the one place she knows no human has yet been, with the help of a boy from a family of famous adventurers, a woman who charms swarms of bees, a dragon, and a True Mage.  They are going North, to the myth-encircled mountain that is supposed to be at the top of the world.
Prototype Cover for Contra Utopia

Contra Utopia (WIP)

A false utopia, young rebels, seven government special forces, alchemy, and a stolen android girl who has the power to create the most sought after deep-red gemstone in all the history of creation.  What could possibly go wrong?

Prototype Cover for Chinese Whisper

Chinese Whisper (In the Cereberal Womb)

In the early 21st century the U.S. government discovered and classified Foreseers; people who were prone to see into their own future by a few seconds in the third person.  These unique humans were subject to special laws such as being unable to attain a driving license due to the arbitrary nature of their visions.

Will Else, a Farseer for as long as he can remember, long avoided detection by sheer luck, but someone knows, and a sinister mind intends to put his position as an unregistered Farseer to use...

The God Haullucination (In the Cereberal Womb)

John Smith (name TBD) is delusional and suffers frequent haulucinations. The trouble is they have always been so outrageously mild that he has never noticed, and thus never been diagnosed. So, when one day they start to become outragously obvious, John begins to fear for his sanity, ironically, as he is 'haunted' (he has been a 'devout' Atheist for decades) by constant 'proof' of God, which eventually leads him on a strangely combined spiritual and psychological journey.