Welcome to Castle Nimbus

I guess this is a welcome break from designing my own pages, a process that takes a fair amount of time and creative energy.  Cair Nim (Castle Nimbus) is my home and base of operations.  The Castle in the Clouds, City in the Sky.  It manifests itself in many of my creative works.

What I am doing here

As yet, not much.  I created this site because I saw that my friend had made one, and thought it would be something to pass the time with for an hour or two this morning.  For now, Cair Nim is just a repository for junk time that I have.  When I have a specific purpose in mind for this place, I'll let you all know.

What's in a name

A fair bit actually.  The castle's name traces back to my days at school.  As a person who works well with logic, Maths was one of my best classes.  At one stage, the teacher used the interactive board to play a logic game with the class called nim in which there were twelve boxes, two players, and turns.  Each turn, a player could tick one to three boxes, no more, no less.  The aim of nim was to force your opponent to choose the final square.

I so mastered the logic pattern of nim that as long as I took the first turn, I would, without fail, win the game.  I earned the title Master of Nim, and it changed over time to Lord Nim.  The title stayed that way until roleplaying became a major part of my life.  At that stage, I turned the title into a character: Lord Nimbus.  The character, Adonis Nimbus, was captain of an airship, thus adding ~bus to Nim making the latin word for cloud.  Eventually, Nimbus came to own a castle, and said castle sat atop a cloud like Laputa.  This was the place that came to be known as Castle Nimbus.

What does that have to do with anything

Everything!  The character name Adonis Nimbus has since become my pen name for my writing projects both online and off.  Adonis maps well with Aidan, and Nimbus sounds far more dramatic than Hally.  The castle being the base of operations for me and my works is symbolic of the history of my creative self.

So welcome, travellers, guests and wayfarers, to the Castle Nimbus.