Contra Utopia
The Tale of a Land Without Hunger or Conscience

It’s only been one year since I wrote my last novel, and so maybe some of the thanks should be the same as they were the last time, right?  Well a lot of things can and have changed in a year.


First I’d like to thank the inventor of the gregorian calendar system for helping me to remember that NaNoWriMo starts when it does this year and giving me a whole 8 days more than I had last year to complete this thing.


Thanks to Michelle again for opening my eyes to some things that without her help I would have been blind to.  I’m more ready to do now rather than to say.  I realised some things about myself and my priorities.


To my new acquaintances here at the university.  Some of them have already taken a look at my work, and my whimsical ego has finally settled into the belief that I’m a decent writer.  I like to think that if certain unnamed someones could release certain famed and very profitable novel series which are praised and criticised in equal amounts, that I can at least do as much.


To my parents, particularly my father who has helped to hone my wit and stock my arsenal of vocabulary with formidable weapons.


Finally, most importantly:


To the roleplayers of my campaign “Base: Contra Utopia” at the Rainham and Wigmore Community Centre (Oasthouse), upon whose actions and characters this novel is based.


 I dedicate these following pages to you, my friends.